7 Braces Myths You Need to Know

Have you considered braces to give you the smile you’ve always wanted? If so, you probably have questions or concerns regarding the treatment process. We want our Billings and Miles City patients to know that we’re here to help address any concerns that arise about treatment.

We will be busting some common myths surrounding orthodontic treatment and traditional braces. Below we will explore some concerns people tend to get wrong about braces and what you can expect from our team. 

Braces are the only option for improving your smile.

Over the years, orthodontic treatment has gone above and beyond traditional braces. While braces are the most well-known treatment option, they’re not the only way! You can also achieve the smile you’ve always wanted by wearing clear braces or clear aligners. Our team at Kovacs Orthodontics will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your unique smile.

Braces will limit what you can eat.

There will indeed be some food restrictions once you’ve started treatment. However, this is only temporary, and your new smile will be worth the wait! The main limitations are crunchy or sticky foods such as nutty candy, popcorn, and chewing gum. 

Braces will hurt.

This is one of the most common assumptions we hear regarding braces. While there is some mild discomfort throughout treatment, Dr. Kovacs and our team want our Billings and Miles City patients to know that there is no need to be anxious and no long-term discomfort or pain.

Braces take a long time to work.

The timeframe of your treatment plan depends solely on your unique smile. There are several factors that play a part in how long you’ll spend in braces. Such as the complexity of your case, the outcome you’re hoping to see and how compliant you are with our recommendations. Every smile is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan.

Braces are only for teens.

Dr. Kovacs has experience helping patients of all ages. We want to assure our patients that no matter their life stage, our team is here to help them receive the smile they deserve!

Braces will keep your teeth straight forever.

While the goal of braces is to begin your straight smile journey, it is also vital to understand the importance of your post-treatment care. Our team will direct you on how to get the most out of your orthodontic treatment, which relies on wearing your retainer. Retainers help give you long-lasting results that you’ll enjoy for years! 

Braces are only useful for straightening teeth.

There are many factors that braces can address. Not only will it ensure that you receive the smile you’ve always wanted, but braces can also help treat issues revolving around speech, eating, and overall oral health.

7 Braces Myths You Need to Know

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