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Starting Your Smile

Your first orthodontic visit to Kovacs Orthodontics is the most important one because you’ll learn how we can improve your oral health and the beauty of your smile.

Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, so at this free consultation, you’ll get all the information you need to make an informed treatment decision.

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The First Step

The first visit to a doctor’s office can sometimes feel intimidating, especially for younger patients. But, your first visit to Kovacs Orthodontics is completely free, and won’t hurt a bit!

At your initial consultation, Dr. Kovacs will meet with you for a complete orthodontic examination. Dr. Kovacs will propose a tentative treatment plan, estimate treatment duration, and discuss costs associated with treatment.

Your first step at Kovacs Orthodontics is to determine your treatment needs by helping us learn as much as possible about your specific orthodontic situation.

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Taking Diagnostic Records

You might need to let us get some diagnostic records to learn more about your orthodontic situation.

This may include digital scans of your teeth, photographs, X-rays, and a complete medical-dental history. Dr. Kovacs will use this information to design a concise treatment plan specifically for you.

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Creating Your Custom Treatment Plan

After reviewing your records, Dr. Kovacs will join you in a private consultation room to discuss your individualized treatment plan. Dr. Kovacs will point out specific areas of concern and show you what kind of corrections you can expect by showing photos and videos of similar cases.

Dr. Kovacs will take as much time as you need to answer your questions and decide what kind of treatment is best for you and walk you through the process. He’ll explain everything—from scheduling and expected discomfort levels to finances and payment options.

We believe you should be involved with the treatment decisions that affect your smile. We encourage you to ask questions, so we can properly address any chief concerns that you may have regarding your treatment.

We’ll be honest and candid with you about your diagnosis, our recommendations, and any alternative treatment options. By working together, we can help you achieve your goal of a healthy, beautiful smile!

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Placing Your Appliance

Before placing any braces or other appliances, Dr. Kovacs will present the treatment plan to you and your family. If possible, various options will be proposed and such details as appliance placement, cooperation, and hygiene will be discussed.

Be sure to ask any questions you may have. Communication with your orthodontist is essential throughout the treatment process!

Once all your questions and concerns have been addressed, we’ll proceed with appliance placement. While placement is generally painless, some discomfort is to be expected as you adjust to the braces.

This is usually a short-term problem and our staff is here to explain ways to deal with the discomfort—we’re only a phone call away!

Next Steps

Routine Adjustment Appointments

Once all of your appliances are in place, they need to be adjusted regularly to continue moving your teeth. Thankfully, major technological advances in orthodontic appliances make it so you can extend intervals between your appointments as long as six to eight weeks for your convenience.

Orthodontic treatment typically takes 18-24 months but can vary due to case difficulty, cooperation, hygiene, and other factors.

Dental Care

Before beginning orthodontic treatment, your family dentist should make certain that all cavities have been treated and the health of your gums and underlying bone are free of periodontal disease.

Also, your dentist or an oral surgeon will remove any teeth that Dr. Kovacs prescribed to correct your bite. Your family dentist should also schedule cleaning and cavity checkup visits during your orthodontic care.

We would like to reinforce the need to keep your regular visits with your family dentist because we are only an aid to your family dentist and not a replacement.

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