Get Your Smile in Line

If you’ve noticed your smile looking less than straight, you could have minor tooth movement that can be treated at Kovacs Orthodontics. Our Billings and Miles City offices offer several treatment options to correct misalignment, including 3D-printed appliances.

5 Keys to Creating Beautiful Smiles with Aligners

What is Minor Tooth Movement?

Minor tooth movement refers to slight changes in the position of teeth within the dental arch. This can be a natural process occurring over time due to age, or it can result from external factors such as the loss of a tooth, gum disease, or the natural settling of teeth post-orthodontic treatment.

You may not notice the small shifts immediately, but they can lead to issues like misalignment, bite problems, or aesthetic concerns over time.

Unlike major orthodontic issues, minor tooth movement typically doesn't involve significant displacement or rotation of teeth.

How Do You Treat Minor Tooth Movement?

Your treatment for minor tooth movement at Kovacs Orthodontics depends on the extent of movement and the underlying cause.

The first step is always a thorough dental examination to assess the extent of movement and rule out any underlying dental issues like gum disease or decay that might contribute to the movement.

Once Dr. Kovacs has the full picture of your smile, he'll recommend one of the following:


Observation & Monitoring

In cases where the movement is very slight and not progressing, Dr. Kovacs might recommend regular monitoring to ensure the movement doesn't worsen.

When you come in for regular visits, Dr. Kovacs can check on the movement of your teeth and follow up with additional treatments if it becomes necessary.

Custom Retainers

If you've had orthodontic treatment in the past, wearing a retainer can help prevent further movement. Retainers are custom-made and can be fixed or removable.

We use our 3D printer to create custom retainers to maintain your smile. Since the retainer is designed based on your smile, it's a one-of-a-kind appliance that will fit your teeth perfectly.

Clear Aligner Treatment

In some cases, minor orthodontic treatment might be necessary. This could involve the use of traditional braces or clear aligners for a short period to correct the alignment.

Our 3D printer allows us to create clear aligners in our Billings and Miles City offices so you can align your smile without a wait. You'll wear the trays around the clock to guide your teeth back into alignment.

How Aligner Treatment Can Help

Treatment with our in-house 3D-printed aligners is a great method for correcting minor tooth movement due to its aesthetic appeal and convenience. Here's how it can help:


Aligners are virtually invisible, making them a discreet option for adults and teens concerned about traditional braces' appearance.

Comfort & Convenience

Aligners are typically more comfortable than traditional braces as they are custom-made to fit snugly over the teeth. They are also removable, which allows for easier eating and cleaning.

Effectiveness for Minor Adjustments

Aligners are highly effective for making minor adjustments. They apply gentle pressure to the teeth, gradually moving them into the desired position.

Customization & Control

Treatment with aligners is fully customized. Dr. Kovacs will create a treatment plan based on 3D imaging, allowing precise control over tooth movement.

Shorter Treatment Time

In cases of minor tooth movement, the treatment duration with aligners can be significantly shorter than traditional braces.

Keep Your Smile In Shape

While minor tooth movement might seem insignificant, addressing it to prevent further dental issues is essential. Aligner treatment offers a modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution for correcting such movements.

It's crucial to consult with Dr. Kovacs to determine the most suitable treatment plan for your specific needs. Schedule your free consultation in Billings or Miles City to get your smile back in line.