What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Looking for a way to get a straighter smile without the metal mouth look? You’re not alone! Dr. Kovacs and our team at Kovacs Orthodontics are here to help. With Billings and Miles City offices, we make smiles shine with custom clear aligners. Are you wondering what it’s like to go from dreaming about a realigned smile to getting one with these incredible invisible wonders? Here’s what our process looks like when we fit you. 

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The first step on your path to a superstar smile starts with a free consultation with Dr. Kovacs. You’ll stop by our cozy Billings or Miles City offices, where Dr. Kovacs will examine your smile.

He’s not just looking to get to know your teeth, though. He wants to hear about what you’re hoping to achieve. While it will involve your teeth, orthodontics also considers the bone structures around your teeth (your face and jaw).

And don’t worry about pressure or pushy sales pitches. Dr. Kovacs will tell you if he thinks clear aligners would work well for you. If not, he’ll point you in the right direction. 

Step 2: Creating a Digital Model of Your Mouth

After your first meeting with Dr. Kovacs, if clear aligners seem like a match, we move on to the next step. No goopy, gaggy molds here. Instead, we use a digital scanner. This gadget takes pictures of the inside of your mouth to make a 3D model of your teeth on a computer. 

Dr. Kovacs then takes this digital scan and starts planning how to move each tooth to get your smile right. This step is super important because it helps Dr. Kovacs make aligners that fit you and only you. And the best part? You get to see what your smile could look like at the end. 


Step 3: Designing Your Custom Treatment Plan

It’s time for Dr. Kovacs to put on his thinking cap. He’ll work with you to plan how to move your teeth where they need to be. Repositioning your teeth isn’t random. 

Dr. Kovacs uses some smart computer skills to map out every little shift. Our digital scanning software shows how your teeth will move during your treatment. From start to finish, step by step.

But here’s the kicker: you also get to see this plan. Dr. Kovacs will walk you through it, showing you on the screen how your smile will transform. And if something doesn’t look right to you, no sweat! Dr. Kovacs is all about teamwork. 


What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Step 4: Manufacturing Your Custom Aligners

Your smile’s game plan is set, and it’s time to create your custom clear aligners. These aren’t your ordinary plastic pieces. We craft each set just for you. 

Here’s how it works: Remember your digital scans? Those become the schematics of your Invisalign aligners. They’re made especially for you. Each of your teeth is factored into their shape, down to the most minute detail.

Think of each aligner as a step on a ladder. You start on the first rung and climb your way up. Every couple of weeks, you “graduate” to the next aligner, getting one step closer to that top-shelf smile.

And just like that, before you know it, a box arrives at Kovacs Orthodontics. It’s packed with your set of clear aligners, each numbered and ready to play its part in your smile story. Dr. Kovacs checks them out, gives the thumbs up, and then it’s showtime for your teeth. 

Step 5: Wearing Your Aligners

Now comes the part where you play the lead role: wearing your aligners! Think of them as your smile’s new BFFs. You’ll wear each set for about two weeks. Like your newest pair of shoes, they’ll feel odd at first. But soon, you won’t even notice they’re there.

Here’s the deal: Dr. Kovacs suggests that you wear your aligners for about 22 hours a day. Yes, you heard that right. They only take breaks for meals and your brushing routine. You’ll even wear them in your sleep!

Every couple of weeks, you’ll switch to your next set. Similar to getting to the next level in a video game. Each level gets you closer to your award-winning smile. And guess what? You’re nearer to the finish line every time you get a new set.

Dr. Kovacs will ask you to swing by our offices now and then to make sure everything’s moving as it should. But don’t worry—you won’t need to camp out in the waiting room. These check-ups are quick—in, out, and on with your day.

What do our patients say is the best feature of clear aligners? Most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them. But one day, you’ll reveal your new smile, and the change will wow everyone. All it takes is time, dedication, and doing what the doctor tells you to do. 


What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners at Kovacs Orthodontics

That’s how getting fitted for custom clear aligners at Kovacs Orthodontics works. Dr. Kovacs and our Billings and Miles City team are about making your smile journey as smooth and easy as possible. We’re here to cheer you on.

Ready to take the first step towards a smile you’ll love? Let’s talk! Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Kovacs today. Whether you’re near Billings or Miles City, a straighter, happier smile is just around the corner.