Which Orthodontic Treatment Should I Get?

If you are looking to improve your smile, you may have wondered which orthodontic treatment will help you reach your goals. At Kovacs Orthodontics, we work with every patient who comes in to discuss their treatment options with us and what we can do to make their experience a positive one. Read on to learn more about what Dr. Kovacs and our team have to offer, what to keep in mind while making a decision, and why you should pursue treatment.


Available Treatment Choices

Kovacs Orthodontics offers patients various treatment options for different lifestyles and orthodontic needs. During your free consultation, Dr. Kovacs will share his recommendations on what will work best toward related dental issues, goals, and aesthetic desires. 

Metal Braces

The most recognizable sign of orthodontics is metal braces. Some adult patients may remember them as big and bulky, but thanks to advancements in the field, they are now smaller and more comfortable than ever. Your average time in braces can be shortened due to their effectiveness in closing gaps and working with bite issues.

Metal braces are made up of brackets, wires, elastics, and other components and shift your teeth through slight constant pressure over a long period. This appliance is excellent for fixing complex dental issues. It remains a cost-effective choice for patients of all ages as it doesn’t use the same expensive equipment as Invisalign or clear braces to do the job. 

Clear Braces

Nearly invisible clear braces are a subtle treatment for those looking to straighten their teeth without the conspicuous appearance. This treatment option uses tooth-colored polycrystalline ceramic brackets that place slight pressure on your teeth with the help of wires, the same technology as metal braces. 

Though not completely invisible, their small size allows for a comfortable feel inside your mouth. Thanks to technological improvements, you also won’t need to worry about staining your clear braces with coffee, chocolate, or other dark liquids or foods.


Kovacs Orthodontics provides Invisalign clear aligners for our patients looking to improve their smile without anyone noticing. This state-of-the-art appliance uses a series of plastic trays that get switched out every two weeks until your teeth slowly shift into their new position. 

It is recommended to wear them at least 22 hours daily to keep your treatment on track. We use 3D modeling to determine how your teeth will look at the end of treatment and make adjustments to help your trays fit comfortably.


Which Orthodontic Treatment Should I Get?

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing


The cost of braces and other orthodontic treatments varies depending on your dental issues and the amount of work you need to accomplish. We offer financing with no down payment, monthly installment plans, and much more. If you have dental insurance, you can count on us to file your claim for you to ensure you receive maximum benefits.

Our team works with each patient individually during their free consultation to fit their budget as best as possible so you can begin care with us, focusing on what’s important—your new smile!  

Lifestyle and Aesthetics

While the smile you are working toward will surely boost your confidence, we want to make sure you feel great about your appliance choice throughout care as well! No matter who you are or what stage in your smile journey, our team understands the importance of listening to your needs and desires.

Whether you are a student in middle school, a professional with a busy schedule, or a college student not always close to the office, Dr. Kovacs will provide more insight as to which appliance may be most convenient as well as efficient and help you stay compliant to keep your plan on schedule.

Length of Treatment

The average time in orthodontic treatment is between one to three years, depending on the following factors: your current oral health, the work you want to achieve, appliance choice, and the severity of your dental issues. Your case’s complexity determines whether you complete your plan sooner or later than average. To get a more concrete answer, Dr. Kovacs can discuss which of your options will be most effective and how to keep your plan on schedule.


Why Begin Orthodontic Treatment?

Straightening your teeth has positive long-term effects, marking the first step toward easier oral care maintenance, thanks to eliminating hidden areas in your mouth that go unbrushed. You may also notice improved speech patterns as your tongue will be placed in a natural spot for proper pronunciations. Better functions, including chewing and biting, also lead to smoother daily digestion.

Undergoing orthodontic care can also provide patients with a huge confidence boost! Being happy with your smile holds power over your mental health, so it is essential to our team that you are satisfied with your grin and are eager to show it off to the world. Your comfort and confidence are top priorities for us. We will work to ensure we match your needs throughout care.


Dr. Kovacs Recommendation

When you come into your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Kovacs, you will get the chance to learn more about any issues present, your dental needs, and an expert recommendation, all free of charge. He and our team take a digital impression of your teeth, capture x-rays, and review your dental and general health history to understand how we can best help you out and improve your oral health.

It is the perfect time to bring up any questions you may have about the process, what you are looking to get out of treatment, any aesthetic preferences, and other accommodations. Our team will happily take as much time as necessary to ensure you have the answer you need to begin orthodontic care with us confidently. 


Which Orthodontic Treatment Should I Get?

Make the Best Decision with Kovacs Orthodontics!

Taking the first step toward orthodontic treatment can be intimidating, but we hope this guide helps make things easier. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our practice so one of our friendly front desk staff can assist you. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Kovacs today to be seen at our Billings or Miles City location!