Text Us

We are excited to announce that our office is now text-able.  We understand that our patients lead busy lives and we would like his/her orthodontic treatment to be as smooth as possible.  We now offer a more convenient way to contact our office between visits.

Simply text our office at 655-9300 with your first and last name to get set up, easy as that.  Once the text is initiated you will be entered into our patient database.  Don’t have time to make that phone call to cancel or change appointments, or do you have questions regarding insurance or payments, simply send us a text and one of our staff members will get back to you in a timely manner.

In addition, one of the biggest benefits will be if a patient is having an issue with their braces such as a pokey wire, loose bracket, etc. they will be able to send us a picture of the issue and one of our assistants will be able to assess if a visit to the office is necessary or if the problem can be fixed at home.  This is especially helpful to our patients who live outside of Billings.

Please feel free to text or call our office at 655-9300 with any questions.