What To Do If My Braces Break?

At Kovacs Orthodontics, we only use the highest quality metal, ceramic, and removable braces to transform your teeth alignment and create gorgeous, functional smiles. We do our best to install them accurately and to give you all the information you need for orthodontic success out of the office. Despite combining our best efforts, there is still a possibility that you might have broken braces at some point during your treatment. But what should you do if your braces break? Let’s find out!

First: Panic & Call An Ambulance.

Just kidding—put the phone down! Broken braces can be annoying and uncomfortable, but they are usually not an emergency! Your teeth’s movement path is likely not at risk, either. 

The actual first step is to contact Kovacs Orthodontics! When you call, be as honest about what happened and be as accurate in your description of the condition of you and your braces as possible so that we may provide you with appropriate guidance and an emergency appointment if necessary. Fortunately, unless you’ve suffered severe physical trauma, you should be fine to schedule an appointment with us at the first availability.

Eat Soft Food!

You should eat soft foods like smoothies and soups to prevent further damage until your braces are put back together. Eating hard food can worsen the issue and produce unnecessary pain. Even if your severed wires or dislocated brackets are not causing discomfort, you should eat as if they are to stop their condition from declining.

Soft food can also help minimize tenderness in the gums and cheeks for patients with clear aligners.

Upkeep Oral Hygiene!

Depending on how bad your braces or mouth look, you might wonder if your oral hygiene routine could worsen the situation. You might even skip over your oral hygiene routine, but you shouldn’t! Even if it’s uncomfortable or challenging, you should perform your oral hygiene routine twice daily. Just be gentle with your broken braces or injured areas. Keeping the mouth free of bacteria, plaque, and germs is essential to minimizing the risk of infections, especially if you have developed an open cut. 

Rinsing the mouth with warm salt water to reduce the risk and appease symptoms of developing sores, swelling, and infected wounds is an excellent addition to your routine while your braces are broken. You can also try an antiseptic mouthwash to disinfect the mouth if you cannot gargle salt water.

Orthodontic Wax To The Rescue!

Besides disrupting your routine by forcing you to attend an unplanned appointment, one of the most annoying things about broken braces is the discomfort and pain that usually accompanies it. Though pain is not always bad — you might not even notice you broke your braces without it! — it is not something you want your braces to cause you. Broken brackets and wires are notorious for poking and irritating the cheeks and gums, and this friction can drive even the most patient people crazy! If your broken braces bother you, it’s time to bust out the orthodontic wax!

Orthodontic wax is a removable, waxy product you place on your braces or clear aligners in the spots troubling you. Once in position, the wax becomes a barrier between the appliance and your skin, reducing the risk of open wounds and preventing uncomfortable friction. 

If you have clear braces or aligners, you won’t ever have to choose comfort over style because the wax is transparent! It blends in with your low-profile aesthetic and saves you from pinching and rubbing.

If you don’t have any orthodontic wax handy in a pinch, you can also try a numbing product, such as Oragel. Just ensure the one you pick is safe to use in the mouth! Numbing effects relieve discomfort but don’t prevent the problem from progressing, so keep an eye on the area!

Cut Or Bend Your Broken Wire.

You can cut wires that stick out with nail trimmers or small wire cutters. Trim as close to the teeth as possible. Be careful not to snip yourself and not to swallow any loose metal pieces. Once done, place orthodontic wax on the area to hold the wire and protect your skin.

If the wire is in a hard-to-reach spot, bend it until it no longer bothers you and then use orthodontic wax to hold it down.

Try To Hold Your Bracket In Place.

You can also use orthodontic wax to hold a loose bracket in place and inhibit friction irritation. If your bracket has come all the way off, put it in a safe location until your appointment. 

Note: DO NOT glue your bracket back on yourself, and DO NOT attempt to remove it if it is still attached to your braces or teeth. Doing either will only worsen the situation and could potentially cause irreversible damage! Please let Dr. Kovacs perform all repairs.

Clear Aligners Exclusive: Wear Your Extras.

Invisalign trays are thin and clear to be comfortable and discreet. However, those same features also make them easy to break or damage! If your aligners become disfigured, squashed, or otherwise damaged and become unwearable, wear your previous aligners while you wait for replacements to prevent your teeth from shifting backward too much!

Remember, do NOT advance to the next tray in the set early without Dr. Kovacs’s approval!

What To Do If My Braces Break?Never Fear! Kovacs Orthodontics Is Here!

For more information on what to do if your braces break, contact our Billings or Miles City offices to speak to a helpful team member. They can also schedule a repair session and help determine if you need an emergency appointment immediately.

If you’re new to Kovacs Orthodontics, schedule a free consultation to find out which treatment you qualify for and to get to know Dr. Kovacs and his fantastic team!

Please don’t wait until your broken braces or misaligned smile cause issues; see us today!